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Microsoft Targets Does for Illicit Software Product Activations (UPDATED 5/19/17)

Posted in Copyrights, Lanham Act, Software, Trademark
Over recent months, software titan Microsoft Corporation has filed a number of “Doe” lawsuits in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.  The suits allege both copyright and trademark claims against anonymous defendants accused of efforts to activate unlicensed copies of popular Microsoft software products. The products named in the complaints include… Continue Reading

Lawsuit for “Unauthorized” Behringer Tweets filed in Seattle Federal Court

Posted in Computer Fraud and Abuse, Copyrights, Cyberpiracy, False Advertising, Lanham Act, Trademark
Music Group Services, US and its offshore affiliate have filed a Seattle U.S. District Court lawsuit for a host of John Doe claims related to “unauthorized” statements made via Twitter feeds. Music Group is a holding company for a number of different brands of professional-grade music production and performance equipment, including loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers, computer-based recording… Continue Reading