Benjamin Justus has assisted hundreds of individuals and businesses who have been subjected to threats and lawsuits arising from alleged internet-based copyright infringement of music, videos, software and other media. He and his firm, Lybeck, Pedreira & Justus, have been involved in actively litigating and defending these claims since the height of the content industry’s initial campaign against internet users in the mid-2000’s.

In representing clients in the current wave of BitTorrent litigation, Ben focuses on developing an efficient strategy that recognizes the real challenges that individuals and small businesses face in responding to claims for massive statutory damages. Based on his experience in counseling scores of persons across the U.S., Ben will give advice that is tailored to each individual’s situation. He is proud to offer affordable services and creative arrangements that are intended to be feasible no matter what one’s financial circumstances might be. He believes that no one should have to endure bankruptcy, financial ruin or serious distress for an isolated or innocent mistake remotely detected on the internet.

Please contact Ben by phone, email or by completing the contact form, and he will be happy to provide a free and confidential consultation.

Ben also actively litigates other forms of copyright and Lanham Act claims and related defenses in the federal courts. He is able to provide general advice and assistance to business and individuals who are interested in protecting their creative works and other intellectual property under these statutes, as well as those accused of infringement and other statutory violations. He has developed a network of investigative, technological and content/subject matter experts that can be called upon in the appropriate circumstances.

In the course of his broader general litigation practice, Ben also represents a wide array of clients in disputes involving claims of professional negligence, breach of contract and other business agreements, loan defaults, personal injuries, construction defects, and violations of state and federal regulations applicable to providers of health care and assisted living facilities.

In addition to publishing Troll Defense, Ben will contribute to a forthcoming blog intended for the benefit of those who provide health care and assisted living services.