PTG Nevada, LLC, the owner of copyrights to the Nicholas Cage film Pay the Ghost, has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against 14 Doe defendants in the U.S. District Court, District of Nevada.

As Troll Defense earlier reported, Pay the Ghost was released in September 2015 and widely panned in critical reviews.

The complaint makes typical allegations of BitTorrent-based copyright infringement, with details regarding the several Does’ asserted common participation in a file-sharing “swarm.”  The lawsuit seeks statutory damages pursuant to the Copyright Act, attorney’s fees and costs, and an injunction against further infringement, as well as an order “finding that each Defendant is jointly and severally liable for the direct infringement of each other Defendant.”

And, as with other similar PTG lawsuits in other jursidictions, Voltage Pictures, LLC is the likely instigator, with a co-production credit on Pay the Ghost.  The  Nevada lawsuit was filed by Charles C. Rainey of Rainey Legal Group PLLC in Las Vegas.  Below is a case listing with link to the complaint.

Filed: 02/05/2016
Case No: 2:16-cv-00231
PTG Nevada, LLC v. Does 1-14 

Parties and subscribers receiving ISP notices of the case can contact attorney Benjamin Justus for a free consultation regarding possible options.