Mass copyright enforcer Dallas Buyers Club, LLC continues a busy year with a new suit against unknown Does in Seattle’s federal courthouse, this time upping the ante to 35 defendants.  For better or for worse, this unfortunate group of ISP subscribers is unlikely to get a subpoena notice sent to their humble abodes until after the New Year, however.

As in previous multi-Doe suits filed in this Court, Dallas Buyers Club spends a good deal of time on a discussion of permissive joinder. Specifically, it alleges that:

…The temporal proximity of the observed acts of each Defendant, together with the known propensity of BitTorrent participants to actively exchange files continuously for hours and even days, makes it possible that Defendants either directly exchanged the motion picture with each other, or did so through intermediaries and each shared in the distribution of the motion picture to others. Therefore, Defendants each conspired with other infringers on the BitTorrent network to copy and/or distribute Dallas Buyers Club, either in the same transaction or occurrence or a series of transactions or occurrences.

The case was filed by attorney David A. Lowe of Lowe Graham Jones PLLC. The case names, together with links to complaints, are as follows:

Dallas Buyers Club, LLC v. Does 1-35, No.2:14-cv-01926 (W.D. Wash)