A new lawsuit was filed by the Righthaven enterprise, despite a setback several months ago on the grounds of fair use.  On first glance, the new defendant, Pajamas Media, has an even better case than the last Righthaven target.  As reported by techdirt.

In the wake of Texas attorney Evan Stone’s dismissal with prejudice of 600-plus John Does accused of sharing Mick Haig Productions pornography, rumors are circulating of claims for prevailing-party attorney’s fees by some of the Doe defendants.  Under the Copyright Act, Section 505, attorney’s fees can be awarded to the party determined to have prevailed in the case, whether plaintiff or defendant.  Meanwhile, Stone promises that, notwithstanding his folding in Mick Haig, “this trend of BitTorrent litigation is a long way from over.”  As reported by AVN.

According to TorrentFreak’s calculations, over 100,000 individuals were targeted last year in the various mass copyright suits alleging infringement on P2P networks. The vast majority of the cases involved pornography. Via Information Week.

Carnival time is approaching, and in New Orleans, Mardi Gras Indians are attempting to copyright their spectacularly elaborate costume designs.  From NPR.