Troll Defense has observed the filing of numerous single-Doe BitTorrent copyright cases in Colorado and Michigan by Good Man Productions, Inc.  The cases are based on the 2014 Steven Seagal action vehicle A Good Man.  This marks at the least the second time a Seagal picture has been placed into mass copyright litigation, following the 2013 round of multi-Doe lawsuits filed by Voltage Pictures, LLC in regard to the Seagal/Steve Austin shooter Maximum Conviction.  It’s too bad Mr. Seagal reportedly also missed out of the Expendables franchise (via The Mirror), although it is impressive he can still be billed as an action star at age 62.

DieTrollDie has some interesting details regarding the Good Man Productions lawsuits, including the potential connection between the “infringement detection company” named in the lawsuits, Excipio GmbH, and the X-Art/Malibu Media mass litigation enterprise.

An exemplary complaint from one of the Colorado actions, filed by attorney Jason Kotzer of Kotzer Law Group, is here.